Website Committee Guidelines

Formed by Executive Board action October 2020 (Revision 1).

Website Member Makeup for two FAHSAA sponsored websites:

  • FAHSAA Website Committee:
    • Made up of four or more members, to include:
    • Executive Board Liaison member and other Website technical support members (as appropriate).
  • FAHSAA Heritage Website Committee:
    • Make up of an Executive Board Liaison and a Historian/Archivist Webmaster.

FAHSAA Website Committee Members as of May 2021:

  • Gayle Cratty, President and Website Content Editor
  • Gaye Crosby Doane, Executive Board Liaison and Website Content Editor
  • Diana Daggett, Chair and Website Content Editor
  • Nancy Miller Brachbill, Webmaster
  • Steve Gill, Emeritus Webmaster
  • Erik Thamm, Emeritus Chair

FAHSAA Heritage Website Committee Members as of October 2020:

  • Gaye Crosby Doane, Executive Board Liaison and Website Content Editor
  • Bruce Garner, Historian/Archivist and Heritage Website-Webmaster

Administration And Management Of FAHSAA Association And FAHSAA Heritage Websites:

The FAHSAA website domains are registered in a couple of locations as well as software/plugins used to maintain the websites. To ensure continuity of administration of the websites and supporting software, Domain Names and Passwords will be shared and maintained by the Executive Board Liaison, Webmasters, and Chair.

FAHSAA Association Website

The official website of the FAHSAA Association 1967-1973 has been created to provide a valuable forum for:

  • Events – Information on alumni events, including annual association-wide reunions and local mini-reunions
  • News – Updates about faculty and alumni
  • Fallen Eagles – Fallen Eagles” (a list of those high school alumni who have passed)
  • Networking – Faculty and alumni networking features, including ways to find out information about a classmate or other alumni
  • Heritage – Protecting and preserving the heritage of the high school
  • Professional Development – Information about how to use the association members to get a better job
  • Community – The website provides a vehicle for association members to support needy members and give back to our community in other meaningful ways through worthwhile causes.

We encourage all association members to offer ideas to help us continue our efforts to improve the website. For those members who want to be more hands-on, we invite you to join our Website Team. The active participation of our members is the most important ingredient in our website’s success.

The success of the FAHSAA website is dependent of the following five (5) website design process steps:

  • Learn: It is imperative that the Website Team receives regular feedback from its members about what features they would like on the website and if there are issues with any function or posted information on the website. It is the only way we learn what is needed.
  • Plan: To manage content of the website, any requested website changes/refreshments or postings can be made directly in writing via email to one of the listed members of the Website Committee. Upon receipt, the requested change will be reviewed by the Website Committee and, if accepted, an internal task order will be initiated to implement the change. Verbal requests will not be honored. If the Website Committee has any concern about the appropriateness of the request, they will forward the request to the FAHSAA Executive Board for a final determination.
  • Design: Upon receipt of an accepted request, the change order will be posted to the Website Committee’s electronic board to initiate the task order and assign the technical lead for the task. Currently, the Website Committee is using Trello to manage the task order process.
  • Launch: If the requested task order is a simple change, it will be delivered without further review. If it is a major change to the website, a “blind URL” (testing site) will be launched for testing and review by the Board and other assigned association members prior to the official launch.
  • Maintain: The Executive Board, Class Reps, and other members of the FAHSAA Association are responsible for providing content to the website. The Website Committee is responsible for incorporating requested content which has been approved, providing the technical support for proactively maintaining the website, making improvements where necessary to ensure ease of use, and ensuring the website continues to be an effective communication forum for the FAHSAA Association.

FAHSAA Heritage Website

Formerly the official FAHSAA Website, the website is now being maintained as the FAHSAA Heritage Website. The primary purpose of the Heritage Website is to maintain a repository for historical electronic artifacts of the high school such as photos, year books, newsletters, and to maintain links and news updates to the FAHSAA Association (Classes 1967-1973) Facebook (FB) page.

Members of the association can access the FAHSAA Heritage Website repository either directly or via links established on the FAHSAA Association Website.

In addition, the Executive Board Liaison will coordinate the maintenance of links between the two sites, FAHSAA Association Website and the FAHSAA Heritage Website, for ease of navigation.