Reunion Selection Committee Protocol

Effective Date: June 12, 2018 (Submitted by P. (Rowland) Sanchez 6/12/18)

PURPOSE: To review and approve proposals for future reunions that are submitted to this committee and follow a protocol as outlined below:

  1. Call for Proposals
    A “Call for Proposals” will be made each year commencing at the annual business meeting of the current reunion. A Proposal submission deadline can be established each year as needed but should not be later than April of the following year.
  2. Proposal Deadline
    Should a deadline for submittals be established, then that final date should be adhered to and no approvals of proposals shall be made prior to that submission deadline.
  3. Board Review
    The Committee shall submit to the Board any questions that are raised by the committee before any proposals are approved.
  4. Final Approval
    The Committee will make the final approval and notify the Board of the proposal/s that are approved. If there is more than one proposal, the proposals will be voted on by the membership.
  5. Cruise Exception
    Any proposal that is submitted should follow the FAHS “Reunion Proposal Process” with the exception of a Cruise which will follow special guidelines.
  6. Reunion Announcement
    Once a destination is selected for a future year, that destination will be announced at the current reunion’s business meeting and details, marketing, and all social media can then commence for that reunion and not prior.
  7. “50 Year” Reunion Celebrations
    Each Class will work together within that Class to select a destination where that year’s reunion will be held to celebrate this milestone. It is therefore assumed that only one proposal will be submitted starting with the Class of 67 and ending with the Class of “73.

If at any time a class should fail to submit a proposal for a reunion by January 31st after the previous reunion, then any acceptable submissions will be open to the entire membership.