Reunion Proposal Process and Guidelines

(Revision Date, July 18, 2022)

When submitting a proposal, please provide the following information:

  1. Reunion location
  2. Suggested arrival date and departure date
  3. Hotel room cost – King, Queen and/or double
  4. Try to negotiate a complimentary Hospitality Suite
  5. Inquire about ADA rooms (how many are available?)
  6. Smoking allowed? Pets allowed?
  7. Closest airport to fly into, and what is the distance to the hotel
  8. Is there airport transportation to the hotel; i.e., Hotel shuttle
  9. Two or three reunion site attractions for attendees
  10. Cost of parking – try to negotiate that. If a vehicle has a handicap sticker or plate, is it exempt from the Hotel’s parking fees? Some states have a no charge policy.
  11. Information on how to get to the reunion location if no shuttle is available (e.g., car rental, Uber/Lyft or other means)
  12. Altitude may be an issue for some, so if the reunion location is at a higher elevation please advise
  13. List of reunion committee members (if at all possible, have 2 – 4 people on your committee)
  14. Please submit your proposal to the Chair of the Reunion Site Selection Committee by the posted/agreed upon Reunion Proposal Deadline Submission Date. If some information is forthcoming but not yet received, make that notation in your proposal.

If Your Proposal Is Selected

If selected, the reunion hosts will need to provide the following information before the reunion registration fee can be set and details provided to members:

  • Reunion time frame with start and end dates
  • Hotel contract to be presented for review before being signed. The Legal Counsel, Financial Advisor, Treasurer and President, as available, will work with the hosts to approve the contract before being signed.
  • Ensure that the Hotel has current contact information for the Primary and Secondary Hosts, as well as for the Financial Advisor and President. If there is an emergency and neither of the reunion hosts are reachable, the Hotel should be instructed to then contact either the FAHSAA Financial Advisor or the President.

Financial Support and Details

  • The Financial Advisor will be responsible for paying all required deposits.
  • Reunion hosts should save all receipts for expenses incurred and submit them to the Financial Advisor for reimbursement. Hosts should incur no financial liability.
  • After all expenses have been determined, the Financial Advisor will assist in setting a budget. From this budget, a registration fee can be determined.
  • The registration fee should be set and announced 3 -4 months in advance of the reunion.
  • If money is needed to pay for things like Hospitality Suite supplies, contact the Financial Advisor to request an advance.
  • Registration fees are paid to FAHSAA, and all deposits and reunion costs will be paid through the Alumni Association, after careful review of those costs by the Hosts, Financial Advisor, and Treasurer. Reunion hosts are not responsible for paying reunion expenses.
  • The Financial Advisor will keep an accounting of all attendees who have paid their registration fee and will periodically report to the reunion hosts.
  • The Alumni Association has a Reunion Assistance Fund to help alumni with expenses so that they can afford to attend a reunion. The website has a request for reunion assistance form alumni may fill out and submit on their own, or on behalf of another.

Room Block:

You will have to decide how many people might attend the reunion and ask for a block of rooms to be held, at a guaranteed rate, for a specified amount of time. This is part of the final contract.

  • The number of rooms in the initial contract commitment is spread out over three (3) days. We generally ask for 30-40 rooms per day. If we need more rooms, can these be easily secured?
  • Enquire if the special negotiated rate will be honored before and after the reunion, in case people want to arrive earlier or stay a day or two later.
  • It is important to ask if more rooms could be made available than have been originally guaranteed
  • Many people room together, so be relatively conservative in your commitment. Generally, the Association will have to pay for any rooms in the block that are not rented, so this is a critical part of the setup for the reunion.
  • The Association will only have to pay if this is not carefully monitored by the hosts. A guaranteed release date could take care of this potential issue.
  • Ask to see a room list for the purpose of identifying bona fide FAHSAA attendees and ensuring that they are properly accounted for. Do this periodically, as well as just before the cutoff date and immediately after the reunion concludes.

Hospitality Suite Arrangements:

Size is important! Can the offered space accommodate a larger group of people?

  • If hospitality suite is too small, hosts will need to factor in the cost of renting a room we can use to mingle and hold business meetings.
  • We should negotiate for a larger room if many rooms have been secured by attendees, and if several events will be held at the Hotel.
  • Before agreeing to pay for the cost of renting a room, this should be discussed with the Reunion Committee Chair and presented to the Executive Board
  • An important factor is that we are allowed to bring in our own snacks and drinks, which includes alcohol. This is typically only possible in a hospitality suite.
  • Consider that we need ice and trash pick-up

Cost and locations of included events:

  • Plan the Dinner/dance or other last-night event and other meals to be included in the registration fee
  • Typically, two meals are planned, with at least one at the Hotel
  • Contracts generally include a Food and Beverage commitment that must be met

Things To Consider:

The Reunion Advisory Committee has a reunion history spreadsheet that includes room costs per night, registration fees charged, and number of people in attendance for your reference. Remember that cost is always an issue and we do want to keep all costs affordable for all our members.

Reunion Planning Details

  • The Reunion Advisory Committee has a reunion history spreadsheet that includes room costs per night, registration fees charged, and number of people in attendance for your reference. Remember that cost is always an issue and we do want to keep all costs affordable for all our members.
  • Reunion Planning Details
  • Class photos are normally taken during the dinner/dance. There should be an allowance in time and a good location at the dinner/dance event for the photos. Work with the Alumni Association Photography Team on time and location.
  • The dance or other big event that could be planned is an important part of the reunion. If dinner/dance, try to reserve a space in the hotel with sufficient room for dancing. The Committee advises that you hire a DJ rather than a live band. Live bands are generally cost prohibitive and often can’t provide the range of music our alumni enjoy. There are usually added costs associated with a live band that the hotel will charge the band and, in turn. The band may ask the Association to help defray costs.
  • Consider holding extra events, such as a Silent Auction. This is not necessary, but helpful as a fundraiser., if one is needed. Someone will need to be assigned to this, as there is a lot of work involved.
  • The annual Alumni Association Business Meeting is normally held in the morning on the second day, usually in the Hospitality Suite. Work with the Association President on the place and time of the meeting. The Alumni Association will reimburse cost up to $500 for any food and drinks to be served at the meeting, so it will not be part of your costs. The continental breakfast usually involves coffee, tea, bagels with cream cheese, muffins, and fruit. Work with the hotel. It is not meant to be a full breakfast, but if the costs are reasonable and the hotel is willing to work with you, flexibility is always welcome.
  • Publish a preliminary reunion schedule/itinerary as early as possible. Having an itinerary around two to three months before the reunion helps many people decide whether they want to attend. Details can be refined as the date gets closer, and having the itinerary posted in the Hospitality Suite helps prevent confusion and misinformation during the reunion.
  • Put up as much detail as possible on our Association’s OFFICIAL FAHS 1967 – 1973 GROUP. There are several Frankfurt Facebook groups, but this is where all reunion information should be posted. Putting the information on other pages is fine, but to avoid confusion, always post to our official group page.
  • Set up a Facebook Event Page under our Official Group Page to promote your reunion.
  • The Association’s Web Team will also work with you to post information on the FAHSAA Webpage at
  • Consider printing all of the scheduled activities/events on the back of reunion badges so people don’t keep asking when they are, and they can plan their own outings accordingly. However, just having a printed agenda for reunion events helps people plan their sight seeing and side trips.
  • If there are any restrictions in the usage of the hospitality suite, such as closing it down at a certain time, be sure that information is clearly communicated and included as part of the reunion itinerary. The Hotel may be very clear about the level of noise, which we must convey to everyone.
  • You will receive a box from the last reunion hosts. It will contain our banner, extra lanyards, and supplies, and sometimes items that people left in the hospitality suite.
  • Ask the hotel on any policy for hanging our banner. The contract generally states that hanging anything is prohibited without permission from the Hotel. They sometimes charge for this or have special requirements.
  • Any requested room changes or trying to get people next to each other should only be organized through the host. They are the ones with the hotel relationship.

Most of all, enjoy the reunion and let others help! It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also very rewarding.

We’re here for you!

Your Reunion Advisory Committee:
Peggy Rowland-Sanchez ’71 Chair
Kym Mingus Denmark ‘68 Co-Chair

July 2022


Great advice from past hosts!
From Pat Nicks and Pam Geiger, Asheville 2022 hosts:

We spent about a total of $850 for pre-packaged snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine and waters. Usually the best place to buy this sort of things is Sam’s as you can buy in bulk – not sure what is near you. Costco has this type of stuff also but Sam’s is a little cheaper.  We made two trips to Sam’s – the first one was about $500 to start us off. The second one for $350 was mainly for more wine and beer. 

If there is going to be wine served, request wine glasses from the Hotel. It generally costs about $100.

The favorite snacks seemed to be the small candy bars, the smart pop-corn, cookies, beef jerky (for those on Keto), chips, etc. We bought pretzels but those didn’t go as well. And the beer drinkers didn’t seem to like the lite beers as well as the Corona and the Heineken so you could make that adjustment. 

The plates and napkins were from Walmart – I found them for 99 cents a package. BUT I will send you what I have left from Asheville – we didn’t really use the plates that much since everything is prepackaged. Cups – both drink and plastic small glasses came from Party City.

To “display” your snacks, you may be able to get small trays from the room or the hotel – we got from different people’s rooms so that it didn’t have to be a hotel cost. 

Hope this helps you. We way overbought for the Memphis reunion so Pam and I were pretty careful with our purchasing for Asheville.