Message from the President 10/04/20

Dear FAHSAA Members:

I hope and pray this finds everyone doing well during this pandemic.  I know some of you have gone through some horrific times and some of you continue to do so.  You should know that on behalf of the leadership team representing you, that we are here for you whenever you need us.  Please be sure to communicate to one of us, so we can be of support to you and yours in your time of need.  We are Eagle strong.

Many of you have asked about the Memphis reunion.  I know that Peggy has asked to have information posted for you on the website with an update posted by Gaye Doane on the Homepage of our new website:  At this time, you can make hotel reservations via online at The Hu in Memphis.  The dates are from April 11-14, 2021.  

For special requests, please contact the hotel sales office, Valerie Casper via email at as she has indicated to me personally that this is the best way to reach her.

Our special pricing is $146.00 per night plus taxes. There is valet parking only, with a reduced rate of $20 per night. (This could change to self-parking.)

Questions?  Contact Peggy Rowland Sanchez ’71.

 For all other reservations, you can go online. The code for the group is: FFHA4421. 

The website is being updated and you should log into to get registered if you have not done so already. Let Gaye Crosby Doane know if you have any issues signing in etc. 

Please note that there are ways for you to direct your contribution for the Association: 

  1. The Reunion Assistance Fund to financially assist those who wish to join us at a reunion. You may direct your contributions directly to this fund.
  2. A newly formed Individual Compassion Fund will allow the leadership team to send a basket of cheer or flowers to those Alumni in need on behalf of the Association. This will be separate from the Reunion Assistance Fund.
    We would like to have volunteer class reps from each class to work with the Coordinator (also need a volunteer for this) to work together to arrange for the distribution of this gift to an Alumni in need. Special guidelines for the Compassion Fund will be provided to those volunteering. 
  3. Marketing (which is supported when you purchase items from the inventory is already in existence). This allows the team to purchase items for the membership.
  4. Website (which is already supported by your dues).

We are currently working with the web team:  Erik Thamm ‘68, Steve Gill ‘69, Bruce Garner ’70 and Gaye Crosby Doane’69 to improve the website.  This is so that some of us may post pertinent information on the website.  It will not fall to one person to do that task.  I am proud to share with you that the following people have volunteered to be on the web team:

Shideko Terai (Mary Boyle)’70, Nancy Miller Brachbill ’66, Diana Daggett ’67, and Gayle Cratty’69.  All the new individuals will work closely with the original team and will begin training on Trello on October 10, 2020 on Zoom under the direction of Steve Gill.  Others – Executive team and Class Reps will be invited to take the training if they wish to do so at a later time after we establish important guidelines.  

Trello will allow us to post our request to the web team for the website.  There are roles and responsibilities still being worked on so that a concrete process is in place.   Thank you to all the web team who have worked so hard to prioritize the process.  We are excited to have such talent on this team. Everyone brings an expertise from their past experiences to the table. 

Minutes from our Zoom meeting from October 3rd, 2020 will be posted so that everyone is on the same page.  Thank you to Shideko Terai for taking the minutes.

A treasurer’s report for this year is being provided with my President’s Letter so everyone knows the standing of our organization. 

I wish to thank my Leadership team (Guy, Linda, Betty, Kathryn, and Gaye), Class Reps, Committee Chairs and their teams for your continued support!  To all our faithful association members, your support has been monumental at times of need during this Pandemic and I pray everyone continues to stay safe and most of all healthy.

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any concerns or questions. Everyone on the team is willing to assist you however they can.

With all good wishes,

Gayle Spear Cratty, ‘69
President, FAHSAA
Cell: 914.462.0687