Message from the President 01/07/20

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Happy New Year to all Eagle Alumni and Friends,

It is with great happiness that I welcome all of you to a New Year. It is our hope that everyone rang in the New Year in good health and much happiness. In reflecting back on 2019, I wish to bring everyone up to date on the many great changes our fellow alumni have been working on behind the scenes.

First, let us remember our dear Fallen Eagles who left us in 2019 and before. For those not aware, I am listing those who left us in 2019 and 2018. Our hearts are heavy, but the legacy they left behind, has given us many smiles and laughter to remember. They will always be remembered and cherished by us.


  • Archer “Buddy” Lerch ’69 – April 6, 2019
  • Steve Dean ’67 – May 19, 2019


  • Elliott “Chip” Bradshaw ’69 – August 2, 2018
  • Sandi Keim Blair ’70 – September 12, 2018

2019 saw the incredible 50th Anniversary celebration for the Class of ’69! They chose to take a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise on Liberty of the Seas on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. We departed from Galveston, Texas to travel to Roatan, Honduras – Belize, Belize – and Cozumel, Mexico. Our hosts: Kym Mingus Denmark ’68; Guy Bennett ’68; Linda Buckles Brashear ’69 & Glen Brashear; Gayle Cratty ’69; Pat Royal Nicks ’70 did an outstanding job to make sure all questions and accommodations were fulfilled. A special thank you also to Sylvia Price, our Travel Agent from Surf Express Travel who spent countless hours with those who utilized her service to get everyone booked on the cruise, arranging flights, hotel and car rentals etc. Kym Mingus Denmark did the same for many who needed assistance. It was a most memorable time with about 102 participants. A huge thank you to the Photography Team: Michael Doane ’69; Jim Casey ’69; John Neumyer ’69; and to Larry Nicks. This team pulled together photos that became a book from this Cruise for purchase through Shutterfly. Congratulations to the Class of ’69 and to all those who helped celebrate with us. It was so much fun.

Our business meeting was held on April 29, 2019 on the Liberty of the Seas and the following Officer’s are in place:

  • President: Gayle Spear Cratty ’69
  • Vice President: Guy Bennett ’68
  • Treasurer: Linda Buckles Brashear ’69
  • Secretary: Betty House Weller ‘70
  • *Legal Counsel: Kathryn Cooney ‘67
  • *Financial Advisor: Gaye Crosby Doane ‘69
  • *These two positions are not subject to rotating off the Board every two years

We wish to thank Outgoing Treasurer: Pat Royal Nicks ’70 for all the support and help she provided to the Executive team. She did an outstanding job and we are grateful to her for all she has done for FAHSAA. She was a huge help to me as we transitioned my role as Acting President in 2017. Outgoing Secretary: Elaine Anderson Gierek ’69 did a fantastic job as we made so many changes in 2017-2019 to the Bylaws, Minutes from our many Conference Calls etc. Her diligence and preciseness were wonderful and very much appreciated by all of us. Thank you again Elaine!

The Executive Board has worked hard over the last two years to re-evaluate how the organization is functioning and what necessary changes needed to occur. The following in summary occurred:


Kathryn Cooney, Esq. and the Executive Board reassessed the Bylaws to reflect its application as of 2019. The Bylaws was implemented in 2002.

Review of Class Representatives:

In 2019 Class Representatives were asked to provide their interest in representing their classmates. They are as follows:

  • 1967: Linda Reese du Kor (Alternate: Ted Schindler)
  • 1968: Kym Mingus-Denmark (Alternates: Nora Nava Clark & Skip Pettit)
  • 1969: Patsy Ketchum Bell (Alternates: Lonnie Backus & Krys Wages)
  • 1970: Pat Collins Miller (Alternate: Mary Boyle)
  • 1971: Jimmy Torres (Alternate: Peggy Rowland Sanchez)
  • 1972: Open
  • 1973: Ralph Blessing (Alternate: Open)

Marketing Committee:

Michael Doane ’69, Chair and members: Pat Collins Miller ’70 – Ken Flauding ‘69

Many new items such as Eagle License Plate frames and so much more are
available– go to the website to shop!

Reunion Assistance Fund Committee:

This was established some time ago to provide support to those needing assistance to attend a reunion. Funding for this committee came from the Association funds and has the capability to be funded by donations from Alumni. This committee operates with complete discretion and has assisted many for a very good cause. The committee is headed by:

  • Kathryn Cooney, Esq. ‘67, Chair
  • Committee members: Linda Buckles Brashear ’69, Ginny Cooney ’69, Pam Geiger ’70, Pat Royal Nicks ’70, Ted Schindler ’67, Erik Thamm ‘68

This committee has done an outstanding job to reevaluate its operation and to set guidelines in place.

Reunion Advisory/Site Selection Committee:

This committee reviews any and all proposals for reunions being considered for the Association. They have done a very thorough job to be sure that the reunion is kept within the budgetary guidelines and that it will not expend too much for the alumni member and their families attending the reunion. The committee is headed by: 

  • a. Peggy Rowland Sanchez ’71 Chair
  • Committee members include: Herb Hall ’68, Betty House Weller ’70, Kym Mingus Denmark ’68, Bobbie Thacker ’69, Krys Wages ’69. 

Photography Team was mentioned earlier! We are so grateful to these professional members who have brought so many wonderful memories for us to enjoy.  

Quilts of Valor Team: 

This is a new committee formed in 2018 to recognize all those Alumni who served in the Armed Forces and were provided with Quilts from their home state where they reside. We presented Quilts as a surprise to our Alumni in 2018 in Las Vegas and it was incredibly well received. This was something Erica Menard was very passionate about and came to me privately to ask if we could do this. What a beautiful gift! Because we were on a Cruise, it was difficult to present a Quilt at that time. Asheville will be the next site for the presentation! This committee is headed by: 

  • Erica Nelson Menard ’71 Chair
  • Committee Member: Linda Buckles Brashear ‘69 

Website Team: 

We have the distinct pleasure of having such a profoundly talented website team for our Association. They have been working diligently to redesign the website to make it more user friendly while keeping privacy issues at hand. We are grateful for this group that has taken the time to keep our organization informed on so many levels. I ask that you take the time to thank them and all those on these various committees. They are volunteering their time. Please be patient with the uploading of the changes to the website and bring it the team’s attention if something needs a change etc. 

  • Erik Thamm ’68, Coordinator
  • Steve Gill ’69, Webmaster
  • Bruce Garner ’70, Historian/Archivist
  • Gaye Doane ’69, Database Maintenance 

We are working hard behind the scenes to update things into the 21st Century and hope you stay connected with us. There are many Mini’s throughout the year that you can attend. We hope we will see you at our Annual Reunion, the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the Class of ’70 in Asheville, North Carolina – June 22-25, 2020 headed by host: Pam Geiger ’70 and Pat Royal Nicks ’70. The attendees headed to Asheville are already showing a resounding number. Make your reservation ASAP and remember that this will be a wonderful time to see friends you haven’t seen and to make new ones.

I am proud to serve all of you and hope that the New Year brings good health and much happiness! 

With deepest gratitude,
Gayle Spear Cratty ‘69
Go Eagles!