Message from the Board – Dec. 2023

December 2023

Dear Fellow Eagles,

As the season advances for those of us celebrating Christmas, and those who celebrate Hanukkah, we look back on the year that has allowed us all to reflect on the importance of friendship, memories of our past, a reunion in Montana that allowed us to rekindle those incredible friendships of old and those that are new! What a beautiful life we have all experienced. We have never taken it for granted and we continue to consider how we can do things better and see one another at a time convenient for each of us….whether at a mini or at a large reunion. The next reunion will be September 16-18, 2024, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The board and various members of the association are looking at ways we can strengthen our organization. Although time got away from all of us for various reasons, we hope you will allow a little bit of patience before we get to you about our plan of action to safeguard our reunions for the future. Individually, we ran out of steam to gather together to write up the plan before the holiday.

2023 has definitely had its ups and downs for all of us and it is our hope that everyone can find solace, peace, and relaxation as the year ends.

We are all very committed to making this next year as fruitful as we can. Please know that we are all open to your suggestions for helping us to strengthen our organization. You are all valued and your opinions count. Likewise, if you wish to get involved, please reach out to any of us on the board. You are a valued member of this organization, and we know everyone is passionate about FAHSAA. Continue to let your voices be heard.

As we end the year, our wish to all of you is that you find peace amidst so much chaos in this world! Our wish for the New Year is a special comfort for all those afflicted with health issues, personal losses, turmoil and to bring solace as you gain strength for your next journey ahead. We stand strong Eagle family! We cannot give up! Some of you have had to bear more than your fair share of grief and heartache, we know, and we can relate!

May you know how much you are loved by all of your fellow classmates!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

The FAHSAA Board
Gayle, Skip, Linda, Betty, Joe & Gaye