Message from the Board – Dec. 2021

December 2021

Dear FAHS Alumni Members,

As we begin to near the end of 2021, it gives us great pleasure to share our deepest gratitude to you for your support in all that our committee members have been achieving on behalf of the Association. All of us have put forth our utmost effort to look long term at how our organization will run efficiently and effectively on your behalf.

The business meeting in Memphis provided the opportunity for everyone to know exactly what all Executive Board members and committees achieved to that point. If you are interested in reading what all the Association has completed thus far, feel free to read about it on the Frankfurt website

It is our utmost hope to have as many members involved in the decision-making process and we encourage you to reach out to any one of us in the Association if you have suggestions that will make our organization stronger. We value everyone’s input.

We are excited to end the year on a positive note and to thank each of the members who worked diligently on the Memphis reunion. It was definitely not an easy task with Covid mandates rearing its ugly head to bring about many cancellations which the hosts: Peggy Rowland Sanchez ’71, Pam Geiger ’70 and Pat Royal Nicks ’70 along with Gaye Crosby Doane ’69 dealt with in a most effective manner. Because of how these ladies worked, we know Asheville will have an outcome that will be a positive experience like Memphis. Please be sure to go to the website so you can make your hotel reservations. The hosts are counting on you. Pam and Pat are your hosts for Asheville. Thank you to them for stepping up to again work so hard on your behalf.

2022 will bring about new goals and objectives for the Executive Board to assess along with the committee’s input. As many of you know, we have worked to keep everyone involved, through Zoom meetings, personal calls, emails etc. We will continue throughout the year to keep you informed as we have in the past. Be sure to visit the website for updates.

It is that time of year to say Thank You to everyone who helped our organization to achieve so much. All of you are valued by all of us and we are grateful to so many alumni members. You certainly made a difference.

In closing, we are wishing you an abundance of happiness as you celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s or however you spend your holidays with your family and friends. Your good health and happiness are what is important to us as an organization. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance to you in any way.

With deep appreciation and heartfelt greetings for a wonderful, safe, and happy Holiday Season to all,

Gayle Cratty ’69, President
Guy Bennett ’68, Vice President
Betty House Weller ’70, Secretary
Linda Buckles Brashear, ’69 Treasurer Gaye Crosby Doane, ’69 Financial Advisor