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We encourage those of you who graduated with a different class or attended FAHS to join us. The FAHS website offers you a tool to find your friends and other classmates. Your membership dues with our association will help us continue those efforts.

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Membership - Still only $20.00/year!

You may donate $5.00 of your membership dues to either the Reunion Assistance Fund or the Compassion Fund below.  

  • Reunion Assistance Fund  to help alumni with some or all hotel, travel and registration fees for our reunions
  • Compassion Fund to send sympathy notes to families when an alumnus passes, or to send condolences to alumni who have lost loved ones

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  • Membership only  (please note that the board may allocate some your dues to one of these funds.)
  • Membership + Compassion ( 5.00 of your 20.00 goes to the Compassion Fund)
  • Membership + Reunion (5.00 of your 20.00 dues goes to the to the Reunion Assistance Fund)

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If you would like to make an additional donation to either the Reunion Assistance Fund or the Compassion Fund.