Executive Board Update

May 14, 2024

Dear Fellow Classmates from FAHSAA:

It is that time to follow up with you since December and to update you on some of the changes that have occurred. We appreciate all the new volunteers who have come forward to assist us. We wish to thank all those individuals who have been incredible stewards for many years. Thank you to all those who helped to strengthen our organization. You are all making a difference.

Change is never an easy, yet so many of us have adapted to alternative situations because of our past. Thankfully most of us adapt to change – some are easier than others. The Executive Board, its Committees and Class Reps have seen some changes as follows:

Executive Board Changes:

Vice President – Skip Pettit ’68 replaced Guy Bennett ‘68
Treasurer – Jim Casey ‘69 replaced Linda Brashear Buckles ‘69

Committee Changes:

FAHSAA Recognition Committee changes are as follows:
PJ Torres ’71 replacing Erik Thamm ‘68
John Rodahl ’69 replacing Kim Mingus Denmark ‘68
Dawn Simpson Thompson ’69 will provide any edits etc. and is a permanent member of this committee.

Greg Brown ’69 and Duke Taylor ‘68 are remaining on the Recognition Committee

Website Committee
Erik Thamm has stepped down from this position.

Reunion Assistance Fund Committee
Erik Thamm has stepped down from this position.

Compassion Fund Committee
Skip Pettit assumed the position from Guy Bennett as Chair
Jim Casey ‘69 as Treasurer is replacing Linda Buckles Brashear ‘69

Class Representatives:

Linda Willms Angle switched to Alternate, with Ted Schindler as the Class Rep
Diana Miller Seigel remains as an alternate

No change
Class Rep: Skip Pettit
Alternate: Nora Nava Clark

Class Rep: Dawn Simpson Thompson
Alternate: Rosemary Diehl Disney

Class Rep: Dutch Meeker
Alternate: Shideko Terai (Mary Boyle)

Class Rep: PJ “Jimmy” Torres
Alternate: Peggy Rowland Sanchez

Open – no representation
Seeking two candidates

Class Rep: Ralph Blessing
Alternate: Seeking a candidate

Please note the changes on the website at fahsaa.org. If any of you wish to join any of the committees, please let us know. We welcome you to get involved with this wonderful group of people who are making a difference.

With gratitude,
The FAHSAA Executive Board
Gayle, Skip, Jim, Betty
Joe, Gaye