Election Committee Policies and Procedures

Effective Date: Formed and adopted by Executive Board action May 5, 2021

Election Committee was established and formed through the Executive Board. With the upcoming election for 2021, we realized that a Policy and Procedure standard was necessary for the newly formed committee. The Bylaws as stated do not provide the necessary policies and procedures for how to initiate the process of an election. The Board established this committee for now and into the future. Election Committee Member Makeup to include: Chair and Three Association members.

We are pleased to announce the following individuals have agreed to serve on this committee: Committee

Members as of May 2021:

  • Pat Collins Miller ’70, Chair
  • Grant Caughey ‘70
  • Mike Major ‘67
  • PJ Torres ‘71

Election Committee

  1. The FAHSAA (67-73) Election Committee is a separate, stand-alone committee and isresponsible for the election process as it occurs.
  2. The Election Committee will work with the web team and the FAHSAA class reps to alertthe membership of the upcoming elections.
  3. The Chair of the FAHSAA Election Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The Committee shall consist of the following members: Chair and three members.
  4. Nominees must be a “Member in Good Standing” of the FAHSAA, with current dues paidprior to voting.
  5. Information regarding the Election process shall be published on the Association’swebsite. Members in “Good Standing” will be given the opportunity to vote online.
  6. The Committee shall provide the membership with an accounting of the tally of the votesand the Election Committee will announce the outcome of the election at the FAHSAA’s annual business meeting.


  1. Election Committee will contact the Class Reps and Alternates to explain the requirements for a successful election.
  2. Election Committee will contact the liaison or web team member identified to begin thestart of putting the elections information on the website and on Facebook to notify everyone to connect on the website: www.fahsaa.org.
  3. The committee will devise their own process amongst themselves as to how they will communicate and disseminate the information.
  4. A record of the outcome should be kept for any business meeting held in the future.
FAHSAA 2021 Election Timeline
Opening of Nominations Close of Nominations Opening of Voting Close of Voting
Starts Thursday,July 15, 2021 (Noon EDT) Ends Thursday, August 12, 2021 (Midnight PDT) Starts Thursday, August 19, 2021 (Noon EDT) Ends Thursday, September 16, 2021 (Midnight PDT)
      Results will be announced at the FAHSAA Business Meeting in Memphis on September 23, 2021