Compassion Fund Committee (CFC) Guidelines

Adopted and formed by Executive Board Action, February 3, 2021 (Committee established August 12, 2020)

Purpose of CFC: In lieu of sending arrangements, a more permanent remembrance or acknowledgement in the form of a FAHSAA “Sympathy Package” will be sent to those who fall within the designated guidelines which consists of a personalized mat, placeholder quotation within a 5×7 picture frame to the surviving spouse/partner/ significant other or family of a “Fallen Eagle” along with a FAHSAA Sympathy Card from the Association. The Sympathy Package is for the deceased alumni/members only and are not intended for deceased spouses or other family members, unless approved by the board. The FAHSAA Encouragement Notecards are intended for use for not only members but may also be sent to the spouse/partner/significant other and family who due to their health or extenuating circumstances need to be sent words of encouragement and support from the Association.

The prototypes for the FAHSAA notecards, consisting of an Inspiration (Thank You) note card, an Encouragement (Thinking of You) card and a “Fallen Eagle” Sympathy card, as well as the “Sympathy Package” were presented to the FAHSAA Executive Leadership and Class Reps for feedback. There was nearly unanimous approval forusing the notecards and the “Sympathy Package” in lieu of sending floral arrangements, as was the previous practice. There is a significant cost savings with the proposed prototypes and allows for the Association to extend “recognition” or expressions of support and encouragement to the spouses/partners/ significant others and immediate family members of our FAHSAA members.

Compassion Fund Policies and Procedures Guidelines
The Chair of the FAHSAA Compassion Fund Committee (CFC) shall be appointed by the Executive Board. The Committee shall consist of the following members: Chair, Treasurer, and one additional member appointed by the Compassion Fund Chair. The CFC Fund accountability will be monitored by the CFC Chair and the Treasurer to assure that funds remain in the account for the purpose stated above.

The Compassion Fund Committee (CFC) will coordinate closely with Class Reps in order to be informed of an alum’s “needs” and to respond in a timely manner with the appropriate expressions of support, be it by notecards or in the sending of the Sympathy Package in response to a “Fallen Eagle.”

The FAHSAA (67-73) The Compassion Fund is a stand-alone fund to be funded, and replenished as needed, from the Association’s Treasury and from donations. The Executive Board and Leadership Team shall review the CFC Chair’s recommendationsand vote on funding actions such as replenishment of the fund, or to increase/ decreasean “annual allotment” to the existing fund. Donations to this fund will still be welcomed and accepted.

The Policies and Procedures of the Compassion Fund Committee (CFC) shall be posted on the FAHSAA website, along with the names of the present Committee members. A link to the Compassion Fund donations page will also be provided.

The Compassion Fund Committee (CFC) shall work closely with the Class Reps or the Representative identified from each class to distribute a notecard from the Association in support of the individual in need. Twenty of each type of the notecards, which include the following types: Encouragement (Thinking of You), Inspiration (Thanks) and Sympathy (Fallen Eagle) notecards, along with two books of USPS Forever Stamps (20 stamps in each book) will be supplied by the CFC Chair to those working closely with the Compassion Fund Committee (CFC).

The Class Reps will each receive an inventory of three of the “Fallen Eagle” Sympathy Packages. A Sympathy Package is the personalized mat and a placeholder quotation within a 5×7 picture frame meant for the surviving spouse/partner/significant other or family of a Fallen Eagle. The cost of shipping the Sympathy Package via USPS Flat Rate boxes will be reimbursed out of the CFC Budget. The USPS Flat Rate boxes are available at no cost at local USPS locations.

Class Reps will submit a copy of the receipt to the Chair for reimbursement. Upon approval by the Chair, the receipt will be forwarded to the Financial Advisor, who will reimburse the Class Representative directly. The Class Reps will request a restock of supplies as needed from the CFC Chair. Because the “Fallen Eagle” Sympathy Packages are geared solely for Alumni, the use of notecards will allow for messages of support and encouragement to be sent on behalf of spouses, partners, and significant others, etc. of Alumni.

The Class Reps will report annually to the CFC Chair as to who received cards and/or the Sympathy Packages. The CFC Chair will present an annual report to the membership at the FAHSAA Reunion Business Meeting which will include an accounting of the total amount in the Fund each year, and any recommendations or adjustments to the CFC budget (i.e., any necessary increase or decrease in budget for reprinting or replenishment of note cards and “Sympathy Package” inventory, shipping fees and postage, etc.).