2022 FAHSAA Annual Business Meeting

June 21, 2022.

Asheville, North Carolina

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 am by President Gayle Cratty. Gayle introduced Carlos Quionnes from the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame, which was founded in 2012. Carlos mentioned Dennis Berwin, who would be the Master of Ceremonies at the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame dinner that evening. Many alumni indicated they would be attending the event to watch 22 alumni and faculty be inducted.

Fallen Eagles

The group then observed a moment of silence as Eagles and spouses who were lost between 2020 and 2022 were remembered. Gayle read the list of names:

Spouses and Family

  • Paul DuKor (spouse of Linda Reese DuKor ’67)
  • Tom Brachbill (spouse of Nancy Miller Brachbill ’66)
  • Richard Butters (spouse of Carole Morelli ’69)
  • Cam LaLiberte (spouse of Patricia Beauparlant LaLiberte ’69)
  • Patti and Jackie Kleinschmidt’s (’70) father who passed away this past week


  • Mike Cavanaugh ‘68
  • Gregg Sheerer ‘68
  • Elaine Anderson Gierek ‘69
  • Rusty Hanna Van Sickle ‘69
  • Dusty Walton ‘69
  • Jerry Dean Lippert, Jr. ‘71
  • John Toucheck ‘71
  • Nancy Louise Agattas Van Klaveren ‘73
  • Coach Don Drakulich FA


  • Glen A. Lloyd ‘67
  • Harry Grinrod ‘68
  • Carla Ann Short Charette ‘69
  • Lloyd Washburn ‘69
  • Jan Bergman Schumacher ‘70
  • Michelle Lippert ‘72
  • Daniel Moser ‘72
  • Wayne Godfrey ‘68


  • David Matthewson ‘68
  • Todd Middlemas ‘72
  • James “Dale” Sonnier FA
  • Geral Martin FA
  • Betty J. Nicholas FA (August 13, 2010)

If anyone goes to the Fallen Eagles page and you know someone’s name is missing, please let us know.

Kathryn Cooney made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes. The motion was seconded by Skip Petit. The motion carried.

President’s Report

Gayle detailed the activities of the Executive Board, reps and committees over the past few months. There were Zoom calls in preparation for the Asheville Reunion and having class reps reach out to classmates with information about the reunion, to discuss having the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame dinner in conjunction with the reunion and the logistics of doing that, including silent auctions at the FAHS Sports Hall of Fame dinner and at the FAHSAA dinner/dance, proposals for the next reunion, an update on the Quilts of Valor and a new committee and award to recognize individuals who have impacted FAHSAA and brought suggestions forward which have been adopted by FAHSAA. In order for this new award to be moved forward, the Board requested a Zoom call with class representatives to vote on a newly formed committee, known as the FAHSAA Recognition Committee, that will work independently and make the decisions necessary to fulfill the mission of recognizing who have made a positive impact on the organization. Erik Thamm accepted the request that he be the Chair of this committee; other members of the committee are Greg Brown ’69, Kym Mingus Denmark ’68 and Michael (Duke) Taylor ’68. Also discussed on the calls committee chairs preparing and submitting their annual reports, and Dan Robinson asking that anyone knowing athletes who have not been recognized for their achievements, especially from the classes of 1963-1968 and 1970-1976, please contact him. Gayle acknowledged Pam Geiger, Pat Nicks and Gaye Doane for their efforts in setting up the Asheville reunion. Gaye took care of all the registration which was a monumental task. All three were thanked for persevering through COVID to make it happen.

Treasurer’s Report

Linda Brashear said the Treasurer’s report was in the packet. We have money and there has been no measurable loss of funds.

FAHSAA Eagles Recognition Committee (new committee)

Kym Denmark and Greg Brown represented the new FAHSAA Eagle Recognition Committee (FRC). Greg noted that Erik provided the leadership to get things going; he was the man behind the scenes. It is also a very fun committee to be on according to Kym. The names of this year’s award winners were announced:

Geral Martin (FA): Carlos Quionnes delivered comments about Mr. Martin, who was a mentor to many for 58 years. Mr. Martin is the 6th person to receive a mentor award.

Allen Monosmith (’61): Gaye Doane told everyone how Allen attended a reunion and then started a database of all alumni. It’s a great tool for us to use.

Bill House (’69): Greg Brown spoke of how Bill helped in the transition from the 1963-1966 alumni to a separate alumni group of the classes of 1967-1971. The ’63-’66 group got so large as more ’67-’71 members joined that it became necessary to create a new group.

Kathryn Cooney (’67): Kym Denmark informed everyone that Kathryn has been the FAHSAA legal counsel for a long time and how she had started working early with Bill House. Kym said her fondest memories were of the gatherings at her house with Missy’s fried chicken.

Mike McCready (’67): Kym also presented comments about Mike. He began bringing unlimited amounts of wine to reunions around 2008. Everyone appreciated Mike and his contributions to the reunions. Mike thanks everyone for being willing accomplices in drinking the wine.

Compassion Fund Committee

Guy Bennett gave the Compassion Fund report. He reminded us of how we touch each other’s lives. The Fund started with $1540. Flowers are expensive so the committee came up with an alternative that is less expensive and more meaningful. Guy recognized Skip for offering advice, giving suggestions and listening.

Marketing Committee Update

The Marketing Committee report was given by Mike Doane. Mike talked about Glenn Imobersteg’s books, which are available on Amazon. Glenn will donate some of the proceeds from the sale of his books to the FAHSAA. When you buy the books, email Glenn; he will forward 50% of the proceeds to the FAHSAA. Mike said no new marketing materials were purchased this year. The mission of the committee is not to make a profit, it’s just to cover costs.

It was announced that class pictures will be taken June 22 and because there are lots of people at the reunion, pictures will begin at 5:30 with the classes of ’71-’73. We need to be ready to go; there will be no retakes if someone is missing. An effort will be made to do couples and significant others as well as small groups. Larry Nicks and Jim Casey will be taking pictures. Steve Denmark will also be helping. Beginning at 6:00 pm, there will be a silent auction and cocktail hour.

Election Committee

The Election Committee report will be posted on the website. There will be an election next year.

Reunion Assistance Fund Committee

Kathryn Cooney gave the Reunion Assistance Fund Committee report saying we average helping 2-4 people a year. Erik Thamm, Pat Nicks, Linda Brashear, Ted Schindler, Pam Geiger and Ginny Cooney make up the rest of the Committee, which is in good shape this year. Three people were helped by the fund to come to Asheville.

Website Committee

Diana Daggett gave the Website Committee update. She said web usage and the number of users is increasing. Diana implored alumni to upload pictures. The Recognition Committee information will be uploaded soon.

Quilts of Valor Presentation

Erica Menard brought the idea of giving Quilts of Valor for veterans to Gayle. The first quilts were given out in Las Vegas in 2018. During COVID, quilts were mailed to veterans. This year we were not able to get quilts at all. However, quilts were presented to all those to whom quilts were previously mailed.

American Overseas Schools Historical Society

Our alumni liaison to the American Overseas Schools Historical Society is John Zody. John spoke of black granite at the Society and said there was one remaining, he thought. It would cost $1000, but he suggested that it would be great to honor Geral Martin and have his name on it. Enough alumni volunteered to contribute that it may happen if the granite is still available. John said the museum will also take other items donated from alumni.

Reunion Advisory/Site Selection Committee

Peggy Rowland gave the Reunion Site Selection Committee report. A proposal was received for a Montana reunion in 2023. Then a proposal came in from the Class of ’73 for a cruise in 2023. Both proposals were discussed and it was decided that more information is needed for both. It was decided that we would step back, get more information after review by the Site Selection Committee and the Executive Board. After a review, the proposals will be posted on the website in a few weeks for an all-member vote.

A motion was made by Kathryn Cooney, seconded by Mike Major, at 11:20 to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Betty Weller
FAHSAA Secretary